My goals in developing this Website

  • To educate a select market of travellers that Northeast Thailand is an excellent alternate location with many examples of Khmer architecture at World Heritage Sites.
  • To communicate why visiting the restored ruins (Prasats) in Northeast Thailand is a much more enjoyable experience than going to be highly congested and expensive Angkor Wat.
  • To educate potential visitors on the infrastructure benefits of northeast Thailand when visiting Khmer architecture compared to Cambodia. This is best shown by our providing recommended lodging and time requirements for various "loops" from Northeast Thailand cities, particularly Ubon Ratchathani. 

    Examples of why now visiting Thailand compares favorably to visiting Cambodia.
  • Quality hotels and high-quality medical services at comparatively low expense.
  • Excellent infrastructure, including quality highway system, medical facilities and a more stable environment.
  • The pleasant Thai people and the absence of the "tourist "experience of visiting Angkor.
  • To educate those considering medical treatment requiring major hospitalization to consider coming to Thailand, and to facilitate your visit. I know the hospitals intimately, the roads, hotels, shops, services, resources and sites. We provide peace of mind in undertaking this step. (Click here to go directly to this section)